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Oil Tanker Winch

Oil Tanker Winch

Oil Tanker Winch


An oil tanker winch is a type of winch that is designed specifically for use on oil tankers. These winches are used to handle heavy loads, such as cargo and equipment, on and off the ship. Oil tanker winches are typically powered by hydraulic systems, as hydraulic power can provide the high levels of force needed for heavy lifting. They may be used to lift and lower cargo, as well as to pull ropes and cables for mooring and towing. Whether this kind of oil tanker winch is driven by hydraulic or electric, it has good explosion-proof functionOil tanker winches must meet strict safety standards to ensure safe operation. They may be subject to regulations and inspections by governing bodies, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It is important for operators to receive proper training and certification in the use of these winches to ensure safe and efficient operation.


Aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Advantages and Features

1. Compact structure, high strength;

2. Explosion-proof motor;

3. Excellent performance, exquisite appearance;

4. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

5. Reliable service, high security;

6. Easy for installation, inspection and maintenance;

7. Manual or hydraulic clutch and brake

8. Local control or remote control;

9. With or without warping head;

10. Can be customized  according to your requirements;

11. Certificate:  BV, LR, RINA...

Drawing of Oil Tanker Winch

Main Parameters

Rating Load Rating Speed Rope dia. Rope Length Motor Type Power Power Supply
kN m/min mm m kW 380V 50Hz
70 0-10 φ30 700 CLJM-F3.15 30 380V 50Hz
80 0-10 φ32 200 CLJM-F3.15 30 380V 50Hz
120 0-10 φ30 400 CLJM-F3.15 45 380V 50Hz
160 0-10 φ44 600 3LJM-100 55 380V 50Hz
250 0-8 φ44 600 3LJM-100 75 380V 50Hz
Above specifications only for reference, we can supply various winches according to your requirements.

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