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Marine Ventilation Facility

Marine Ventilation Facility


If shipped cargo release harmful gases,  great ventilation system can avoid accumulation of harmful gases, and prevent safety hazards when staff enter the cargo hold.

Shipped cargo can release flammable explosive gas, if it is not cleared in time, it may accumulate to a certain extent and cause an explosion. For special goods, such as grain, it needs air for breathing and ventilation to avoid damage.

The humidity of the sea is extremely high. Keeping the ventilation can reduce the temperature of the cabin. It can also reduce the humidity of the cabin, avoid condensation of water vapor, and cause rust or other loss of the cargo.

Main Products



Marine Fans

CBL series, CBZ series, CDZ series, CWZ series, CQ series, CBNF(D)  series, etc.

Marine Fire Damper

Gravity damper, Volume control damper, Gas tight damper, Pressure relief damper, Marine Smoke Damper, Marine water tight damper, etc.

Marine Ventilator

Mushroom ventilation, Gooseneck ventilation, Mushroom ventilation head etc.

Marine Spiral Ducts and fittings

Spiral duct, ventilation tube, rectangle duct, bend, elbow,etc.

Ventilation Grille

Ventilation Grille, Air grille, etc.


Ceiling air diffuser, Marine cabin unit, Wall-mounted air diffuser, Ball air diffuser,etc.

Marine Silencer

Exhaust Muffler Spark arrester, Industrial silencer, Vent silencer, Blower silencer, Vacuum pump silencer,Muffler etc.

Marine air conditioner

Marine fan coil, Marine condensing unit, YTLS navy water chiller, CLZ marine packaged refrigerator, Marine air cooler unit, Marine water chillerpiston unit, etc.


We can offer you ABS, CCS, GL, BV,CE etc.

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