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Marine Ventilation Equipment

Marine Ventilation Equipment


Chongqing Hi-sea Marine  Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd. can  offer you kinds of  ventilation equipment, including marine fans, marine fire damper, air diffuser and tuyere, and so on. Marine ventitation equipment is aiming to reduce the temperature of cabin , eliminate oil and gas and water vapor in the cabin and supply sufficient fresh air to the cabin. Large and medium-sized ships have complete ventilation ducts in the engine room, and small ship cabins also use skylights, hatches and ventilators for natural ventilation. More information, please click.

Main Products



Marine Fans

CBL series, CBZ series, CDZ series, CWZ series, CQ series, CBNF(D) series, etc.

Marine Fire Damper

Gravity damper, Volume control damper, Gas tight damper, Pressure relief damper, Marine Smoke Damper, Marine water tight damper, etc.

Marine Ventilator

Mushroom ventilation, Gooseneck ventilation, Mushroom ventilation head etc.

Marine Spiral Ducts and fittings

Spiral duct, ventilation tube, rectangle duct, bend, elbow,etc.

Ventilation Grille

Ventilation Grille, Air grille, etc.


Ceiling air diffuser, Marine cabin unit, Wall-mounted air diffuser, Ball air diffuser,etc.

Marine Silencer

Exhaust Muffler Spark arrester, Industrial silencer, Vent silencer, Blower silencer, Vacuum pump silencer,Muffler etc.

Marine air conditioner

Marine fan coil, Marine condensing unit, YTLS navy water chiller, CLZ marine packaged refrigerator, Marine air cooler unit, Marine water chillerpiston unit, etc.

Marine Fan

Spiral duct


Goose Neck Ventilation

Marine Fire Damper


Air Diffuser

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