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Marine Refrigerator

Marine Refrigerator


  • Cyclopentane fluorine free hydrocarbon microcellular foaming is  used for good thermal insulation
  • Compressor with good quality and environment-friendly refrigerant are used
  • The capacity is variable from 50L to 300L
  • Marine adjustable legs and rear fasteners are optional


Model Voltage Capacity Rating Size Weight
HSA50B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 50L 0.15Kw 500×462×536mm 21kg
HSA95B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 95L 0.35Kw 480×535×855mm 30kg
HSA130B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 130L 0.45Kw 480×525×1260mm 40kg
HSA170B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 170L 0.43Kw 495×575×1400mm 50kg
HSA200B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 200L 0.55Kw 562×624×1485mm 55kg
HSA260B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 260L 0.68Kw 578×635×1725mm 60kg
HSA300B 220V-1P-50/60Hz 300L 0.73Kw 640×673×1800mm 78kg

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