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Marine Mooring Rope Reel

Marine Mooring Rope Reel

Marine Mooring Rope Reel

Application: Marine mooring rope reel is used to store mooring ropes (mainly steel wire or fiber wire). It is not used for towing or stranded cable. We mainly supply the following standard types of marine mooring reels: CB/T3468-92 steel wire reel, CB/T498-95 fiber wire reel, CB*875-78 bond cable reel, and CB*3048-83 motor driven tight wire reel.

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Features of Marine Mooring Reel

1. Applicable to All Kinds of Ships;

2. Suitable for Storing Steel Wire or Fiber Cable, Bond Cable;

3. Standard for Choice: CB/T3468-92, CB/T498-95,CB*875-78,CB*3048-83 etc.;

4. Material: Steel;

5. Surface: Blasting, Epoxy

6. Smooth and Clean Surface without Pit, Burrs,Sharp Corner,Cracks;

7. Anti-rust, Lubricating;

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8. Supply ABS, CCS, BV, NK or other Certificates as Required.

Drawing of Mooring Steel :

Main Parts Specifications

Part Name




Standard No.

Left/Right Holder

Carbon Steel


GB700 88


Brake Rod/Band

Reel Shaft

Fine Carbon Steel


GB 699 88

Pinion Shaft


Fine Carbon Steel


GB 699 88

Bearing Sleeve

Aluminium Bronze


GB 5233 85

Main Gear

Cast Steel


GB 5676 85

The surface of the part should be smooth and free of defects such as pits, burrs, sharp corners and cracks. After the steel cable reel is made, the moving parts should be coated with lubricating oil, and the other surfaces should be coated with anti-rust paint (painted after installation on the ship).

Inspection Rules

1.Check if the rotation of the cable reel is stable and light

2.Check that the brakes are reliable and that the gears are meshed evenly.

Marine mooring reel in factory:

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