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KS-CLS TIS LV Power Cable

KS-CLS TIS LV Power Cable

KS-CLS TIS LV Power Cable


DIS TIS FIS MIS Low Voltage Marine Power Cables are used for power systems of cargo ships, Passenger vessels and Special-purpose vessels.

Cable Construction

1.Conductor:Tinned Annealed Copper wire

2. Insulation:EPR

3.Sheath:Enhanced PVC

Applied Standard

IEC 60092-350, -351, -354, -359 IEC 60332-1, -3 (Cat.A)

Electrical Characteristics

1.Rated Voltage:0.6/1KV

2.Long term allowable working temperature:90℃

3.Finished Cable can withstand AC 3.5kv/5 minutes without puncture.

4.Cable bending radius

Cable Structure Cable Outer Diameter Minimum Bending Radius
Metal Braided Armored 6D
Non Armored D≤25 4D
D>25 6D


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