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J Lock Chasers

J Lock Chasers

J Lock Chasers

Application: "J Lock Chasers can be towed along the mooring catenary and will lock when the directional pull of the winch is reversed".Made from quenched and tempered steel, J Lock Chasers are used to recover embedded anchors, especially deep-penetration twin shank anchors.The unique design allows the chaser to be towed along the chain in one direction and then locks onto the chain when the pulling direction of the winch is reversed. As the chaser has now locked, the chain can be pulled and any tension in the mooring line is directly transferred to the chaser itself.It is therefore a safer option to use a J Lock Chaser as there is no slippage.The J shape allows for the catching of the anchor chain after the anchor has been installed. Due to the chasers excellent design and performance, it enables for the catching of the chain when the chaser approaches a mooring at the point where the catenary angle is as high as 45 degrees.


Model Type: J Lock Chasers

Material: Casting Steel

Certificates: CCS,ABS,BV,LR,NK,RINA,etc.

Drawing of J Lock Chasers:

J Lock Chasers

Nominal Size(mm) Pull Load (Ton) SWL(Ton) Dimensions (mm) Weight(kgs)
76 300 200 2083 1520 711 533 124 115 110 2600
84 300 200 2083 1520 711 533 124 115 130 2600
102 500 300 2480 2050 711 800 180 150 140 4200
117-124 600 450 2730 2050 711 1000 240 185 150 7650

IACS Certificates:

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