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Fully Coated Foam Pig

Fully Coated Foam Pig

Product Description:

Foam pig mainly includes soft foam water absorbing pipe pigging, soft foam glue painted pipe pigging, soft foam steel brush pipe pigging. Soft foam water absorbing pipe scraper is made from polyurethane through foam formation (density 35-200g/m3). Its end is painted with polyurethane material, shrink range is 3-5%.


Mainly used for the pipeline’s water absorbing, sealing, cleaning, and descaling.


Starting pressure: 0.02 MPa

Density: 35 kg/m³~200 kg/m³

Withstand pressure: 7 MPa
Stretch rate: 320%
Compression ratio: 50
Flex life: 50,000 times
Attrition rate: 2 mm/100 km
Operating distance: 100 km~300 km
Operating temperature: -30℃~100℃

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