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Four-Wall PC Hollow Sheet

Four-Wall PC Hollow Sheet

Four-Wall PC Hollow Sheet

Four-Wall PC hollow sheet  is one kind of PC hollow sheet, which is similar to twin wall polycarbonate hollow sheet. It has a great performance on heat preservation, also it is widely used for the construction designs which require high on hear preservation.

1.High light transmission: over 82%
2.Excellent impact resistance: 80 times of same thick glass. 
3.Weather and UV resistant-properties retained for years. Temperature resistance range is -40°C ~ +120°C, with an ultraviolet coextruded film on the sheet surface. It can prevent the resin fatigue or yellowing caused by the ultraviolet. 
4.Light weight: only 1/12 of the weight of glass of the same thickness. It can be easily cold bent as well as thermal shaping. 
5.Flame resistance: High fire performance rating is class B1. 
6.Sound and heat insulation: Superb sound insulation for freeway barrier and super thermal insulation save energy. 
7.An engineering plastic of excellent integration capability. It has outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and heat capabilities.
8.Products can be customized.

Main Technical Parameters

 Layers of Sheet




Standard K




Light Transmittance


Min. Bending 


Four-Wall Sheet 8 1.70  2.56  1/2 71 1400
10 2.00  2.39  1/2 71 1750
12 2.20  2.30  1/2 70 2100
14 2.40  2.10  1/2 69 2450
16 2.60  2.00  1/2 68 2800
18 2.80  1.88  1/2 66 3150
20 3.00  1.69  1/2 63 3500

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