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Floating Marine Generating Set

Floating Marine Generating Set

Floating Marine Generating Set

Product Description
Floating crane is a ship with a crane specialized in lifting heavy loads.they are widely used for offshore construction.
The floating crane marine gensets have the features of low fuel consumption,compact structure,smooth operation,high efficiency and low noise,there are various brands to meet customers' special requests.Engine brand:CUMMINS Series,HND-MWM Series,YUCHAI Series,WEICHAI Series,SHANGCHAI Series,DEUTZ Series,VOLVO Series,etc. Alternator brand:Marathon alternator,Sunvim,Stamford,Siemens alternator,etc.

1.Warranty time:12 months or 1000 hours.
2.Low exhaust emissions and meet the Euro III standard.
3.The products can be customized as mobile,low noise,waterproof type genset.

Main Technical Parameter
1.Rated speed:1500RPM, 1800RPM
2.Rated speed:400V, 440V
3.Output frequency:50HZ, 60HZ
4.Output power:30kW~1600kW
5.Electric starting or air starting

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