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Flat Bottom Vertical FRP Tank

Flat Bottom Vertical FRP Tank

Product Characteristic

Flat-bottomed vertical FRP tanks are mainly made up of flat-bottomed FRP storage tanks, flat-bottomed dome vertical storage tanks, flat-bottomed flat-top vertical storage tanks, and flat-bottom open vertical storage tanks. It is widely used in flat-bottomed vertical storage tanks. It is widely used in all walks of life. The storage tank is made by Italian technology, the inner liner is made by injection molding, and the resin content of the resin layer of the inner liner is 95%. The inner liner resin the content is 80%. The inner liner of the tank is made of a syringe mold, and the straight body section of the tank is seamlessly connected with the upper head, and the structural layer of the tank is integrally wound. The storage tank is light, high-strength, strong in corrosion resistance and long in service life.

Product Detail:

Volume range: 0.5m3 ~ 100m3, on-site winding production up to 1500m3;

Inner diameter range: diameter DN600 ~ DN4000. The diameter of the field winding is 4m ~ 25m; * See the list of solid peptide glass steel specifications

Flange standard: all kinds of standards can be selected according to user requirements;

Main styles: mainly flat-bottomed vertical tanks, flat-bottomed flat-top vertical tanks, flat-bottom open vertical tanks;

Appearance color: translucent light green, special requirements to add gel coat or color paddle to change the appearance color;

Fixed feet: can be selected according to user's requirements, the material is made of FRP, carbon steel (lined glass anti-corrosion) or stainless steel;

Safety accessories: ladders, handrails, carbon steel (external anti-rust paint) or stainless steel;

Liquid level accessories: glass level gauge, PVC level gauge

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