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Flash Butt Welded Anchor Chain

Flash Butt Welded Anchor Chain


  Anchor chain cable is joined by many links. Due to the presence of stud in the middle of a link, anchor chain cable is divided into stud link chain and studless link chain. Anchor chains can be processed through the below steps: cutting bars, heating, bending, welding, trimming, stud setting, heat treatment, proof and breaking load test, optical crosstalk, dipping lacquer.  Marine anchor chain consists of a number of “shackles ” with the length of 25.0m or 27.5m. Every two shackles are connected by a Kenter shackle or D joining shackle. A Kenter shackle is used to connect two chains with common links; a D joining shackle is used to connect two chains with end link on both sides.


1.Type: Stud Link Anchor Chain or Studless Link Anchor Chain;

2. Diameter: 12.5mm-162mm;

3. Grade: U2/U3/AM2/AM3;

4. Material: CM490/CM690;

5. Certificate: ABS, LR, BV, NK, DNV·GL , RS, IRS, CCS ,etc..

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Drawing of Anchor Chain:

D Shackle Connection:

Kenter Shackle Connection:

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