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Fishing Inflatable Liferaft

Fishing Inflatable Liferaft

Fishing Inflatable Liferaft

The inflatable liferaft is stowed in the liferaft container on the deck. When people pull the painter line, the liferaft is inflated with liquefied CO2 gas (partially mixed with N2 gas) in the sea. It is equipped with automatically unfolding boarding ramp, adiabatic canopy and floor as well as large water pocket. The raft fully inflates in 10 to 25 seconds after dropping at ordinary temperature so as to enable individuals to promptly and safely be evacuated into the life raft.

1.Application of the product:Fishing

2.Approval standard:

Rules of Statutory Survey of Fishing Vessel

3.Approval: ZY


Length(mm Width(mm) Height(mm Weight(kg Carrying Capacity Max Storage Height(m
2574 2574 1300 80 10 18
2787 2787 1400 95 12
3090 3090 1500 115 15
3510 3510 1800 135 20
3950 3950 2000 150 25



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