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Fiber Core Steel Wire Rope

Fiber Core Steel Wire Rope


The core of a fiber core steel wire rope is composed of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. The fiber core shall meet the requirements of GB/T 15030 or be made of jute, synthetic fiber and other fibers that meet the requirements. Sisal hemp is the most widely used natural fiber in steel wire rope industry. Sisal hemp is often used in wire rope with large load, extrusion occasions and coarse diameter. Jute fibers are commonly used in wire ropes for general purposes, such as in general winching. Synthetic fiber core steel wire rope is suitable for speed limiter rope.

Detailed Information :

1. Common structure: Almost all structure.

2. Common cores: Synthetic fiber core (E.g. polypropylene, polyethylene); natural fiber core (E.g. sisal hemp, jute, cotton yarn).

3. Surface treatment: Oiled (as requirements)

4. Material: Synthetic fiber, natural fiber, carbon steel, stainless, etc.

5. Diameter: Customized according to customer needs.

6. Breaking load: Customized according to customer needs.

7. Packaging: Wood disc packaging, ABS shaft packaging, according to customer's specific requirements.

8. Application: Hoisting,electric hoist and various cranes, etc.

9. Certificate & Standard:

Certificate : ABS, LR, CE, CCS, BV, DNV

Standard : GB8919, GB/T 20067, ISO, ASTM, EN, JIS, etc.


1. Fiber core steel wire rope is soft and has good bending performance.

2. When the fiber core steel wire rope is subjected to collision and impact load in work, the fiber core can play a buffer role.

3. Natural fiber core is like hemp rope, asbestos, have the characteristic that store oil much.

4. Fiber core steel wire rope when working, its interior has enough lubrication, and can slow down the corrosion of the steel wire rope.

5. The core made of hemp and cotton yarn, because of its flammability, is not suitable for high temperatures, nor can it withstand transverse forces.

6. The rope core made of asbestos can withstand high temperature but not lateral force.

7. Synthetic fiber core, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, has good strength and toughness, not water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Fiber core quality control

visual examination

Fiber rope core material is good, the length of uniform thickness.

No connection, no knot.

No mildew, rot, rust and other odor.

Diameter and allowable deviation of diameter

The rope core diameter is uniform.

The core is made of fibers of proper diameter and linear density.

Ensure that there is a certain space between the adjacent strands.

The allowable deviation of soft core diameter shall be +4%, and the allowable deviation of hard core diameter shall be +5%.

Multiple of twist pitch

The lay distance of the fiber core of the wire rope shall be a multiple of the nominal diameter.

The twist ratio of core strand of fiber rope is not more than 10 times, and the twist ratio of rope is not more than 3.5 times.

Twist system quality

Fiber rope core is not loose.

Fiber rope core share tightness uniform, smooth surface.

Oil content of rope core

Control oil content according to wire rope usage. The oil content of fiber rope core is controlled at 12%±2%.

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