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FRP Flange Butterfly Valve

FRP Flange Butterfly Valve


FRP butterfly valves are usually made of resin and glass fiber. The resin type can be selected from different types of resin. The surface of the flange is smooth and smooth, the outer surface is neat and tidy, the thickness is uniform, and the appearance is elegant; the flame retardant oxygen index i 34.


1. Inner liner: It is a resin-rich layer with an average resin content of 95% and a thickness of 3mm (corrosion resistance and leakage resistance).

2. Anti-seepage layer: Resin content 85%, to prevent bubbles on the surface.

3. Reinforcement layer: consists of inner reinforcement layer, core sandwich sand layer and outer reinforcement layer, which belongs to the strength layer of the pipeline (providing the rigidity and strength of the pipeline).

4. Outer surface layer: Strengthen the pipeline's ability to resist UV and oxidation.


1. Cold resistance: the pipeline will not be cracked under freezing medium;

2. Corrosion resistance: Different corrosion resistant pipes can be selected according to the requirements of the medium;

3. Withstand voltage: according to the pressure requirements of the process, the pressure test is carried out at 1.5 times the pressure required by the process;

4. Heat resistance: the temperature range is -50~150 °C;

5. Scope of application: chemical medium conveying pipe, various process pipes, pressure water pipes of small hydropower stations on the ground, circulating water pipes of power plants, sewage collection and extra large seawater, oil and other conveying pipes.

6. The strength of FRP is close to that of carbon steel and the rigidity is good.

7. The sealing material is made of PTFE, which has long service life and high temperature corrosion resistance.

8. The valve shaft rotation does not use bearings to avoid the switch failure caused by bearing corrosion. The large diameter anti-corrosion shaft is used, which has good rigidity and avoids flexible deformation.

9. All the parts connected with the shaft are machined to ensure the accuracy and the sliding connection is more reliable.

10. The thickness of the valve plate is gradient type, and the thickness is up to 45mm. The double-sided ribs are reinforced and not easy to be deformed.

Order Notice

1. Specifications and models (length, width, height or diameter);

2. Pressure rating;

3. The medium to be transported (which resin is used: vinyl or unsaturated polyester resin);

4. Temperature and use environment.

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