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FRP Air Volume Control Valve

FRP Air Volume Control Valve


(l) The size of the multi-leaf air volume control valve is the same as that of the national ventilation pipe standardization.

(2) The air volume control valve blades are of the split type and the open type, and are used as the regulating valves in the ventilation, air conditioning, and air purification systems.

(3) According to the test, the air volume control valve has good air tightness, and the relative air leakage is about 5%, and the adjustment performance is good.


(1) The air volume control valve is uniformly unified into four specifications in the blade width, and the blade shape is a diamond-shaped double blade, and the blade is softly overlapped, so the sealing performance is good.

(2) The air volume control valve body frame is cold-rolled with 2 mm galvanized sheet, and then welded with carbon dioxide gas or welded by ordinary Q235 plate; the blade is cold rolled into a corrugated shape with 1 mm galvanized sheet, two pieces Synthetic spot welding insert square shaft, or 2 mm G235 steel plate cold forming, single punch punching square shaft or welding round shaft.

(3) The regulating valve is divided into manual and electric. According to the materials used: carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel plate. The valve body structure and specifications are the same.

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