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FB Marine Loading Arm

FB Marine Loading Arm

Product Description:

The marine fluid handling arm is a device designed to transport liquid or gaseous materials between a dock (including a floating dock such as a barge) and a pipeline system of a tanker. The FB marine handling arm is designed as a self-supporting structure with a large swivel joint to cover all internal and external loads and all bending moments.

Product Features:

It has the advantages of simple operation, light weight, small occupied space and small wind load.

Mode of operation: manual operation.

Applicable occasions: small dock.

Applicable medium: oil, chemical media, etc.

Product Specifications:

Nominal diameter: DN 100~DN500 ( 4"—20" )

Design pressure: -0.06MPa~+5.0Mpa

Design temperature: -50°C ~ +200°C

Drive mode: manual, hydraulic

Pipe material: carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, PTFE lining steel, etc.

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