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Explosion proof housing type Transmitter

Explosion proof housing type Transmitter


An explosion-proof housing type transmitter is a specialized device used in hazardous or explosive environments to measure and transmit various parameters such as pressure, temperature, level, flow, or other process variables. These transmitters are designed to prevent the ignition of explosive gases, dust, or flammable substances present in the surrounding atmosphere.

The explosion-proof housing of these transmitters is constructed to contain any potential explosion within the device, preventing it from igniting the external hazardous atmosphere. This housing is built using robust and durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, capable of withstanding the forces generated during an explosion.

Measuring Range:


Measuring range (MPa)

Gauge type

-0.10.1-0.1000.1000.1600.25 till 060

Abs. type

00.1000.1600.2500.4000.60 till 060

Seal type



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