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Engineering Ship Generating Set

Engineering Ship Generating Set

Engineering Ship Generating Set


Engineering ships, also known as maintenance ships or repair ships, are specialized vessels designed to provide maintenance and repair services for other ships and offshore structures. These ships are equipped with a range of tools, equipment, and machinery to carry out a wide range of repair and maintenance tasks, including welding, cutting, machining, and painting. Engineering ship generator sets are typically powered by diesel engines and can be designed to operate on a range of fuel types, including diesel, heavy fuel oil, and natural gas. They are designed to be rugged and durable, able to withstand the harsh operating conditions and extreme weather that engineering ships may encounter during their operations.

1.The products are used in engineering ship ,as the main power and emergency power.
2.Marine generator set brand:CUMMINS Series,HND-MWM Series,YUCHAI Series,WEICHAI Series,SHANGCHAI Series,BAUDOUIN Series,etc.
3.Power by Engine coupled with Stanford Alternator,Marathon,Sunvim,Siemens Alternator are optional.

1.The power range covers over from 20kW to 1200kW to meet all kinds of domestic customer and foreign customers.
2.High quality,personalized products and promt,attetive,professional pre-sale and after-sale.

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