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Engine Exhaust Sliencer

Engine Exhaust Sliencer

1. Application
Engine exhaust silencers reduce engine exhaust noise and effectively mitigate excessive flow of noise from all types of internal combustion engines. We provide Standard as well as Customized engine exhaust silencers of excepted noise performance levels 15-50 dB (A).
2. Features
(1). Eliminate the noise of the exhaust when the equipment is working and at the same time extinguish the spark remaining in the exhaust pipe.
(2). Reasonable size, low cost and long lifetime.
(3). Custom Designs as Required.
3. Selection
Designed according to the user's emission target and emission requirements.Only when the product is consistent with the emission target and parameters can the maximum noise elimination effect be achieved.Therefore, the following information should be provided when ordering mufflers:
(1). Steam discharge, pressure and temperature.
(2). Use object (for boiler steam discharge or relief valve discharge, etc.)
(3). Outside diameter and wall thickness of exhaust pipe.
4. Picture in the factory
Engine Exhaust Sliencer
5. IACS Certificate: CE, KR, ABS, LR, DNVGL, CCS, BV

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