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Dry Spark Trap Silencer

Dry Spark Trap Silencer

1. Application
This series prodcut is most suitable for exhaust gas line of main engine and auxilary engine anf boiler, passenger ship, container ship, engineering, etc. It can arresting spark and muffle.
2. Optional Features
(1). The materials
(2). Mounting
(3). Duct Extension
(4). Painted Exterior
3. Selection
Designed according to the user's emission target and emission requirements.Only when the product is consistent with the emission target and parameters can the maximum noise elimination effect be achieved.Therefore, the following information should be provided when ordering mufflers:
(1). Steam discharge, pressure and temperature.
(2). Use object (for boiler steam discharge or relief valve discharge, etc.)
(3). Outside diameter and wall thickness of exhaust pipe.
Dry Spark Trap Silencer
5. IACS Certificate: CE, KR, DNVGL, LR, ABS, CCS, BV

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