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Electric Single Gypsy Windlass

Electric Single Gypsy Windlass

Electric Single Gypsy Windlass


Electric single gypsy anchor windlass is one of the most important deck machinery. It is driven by electric motor and used for engaging and lowering the anchors with chain. According to the arrangement, there are single gypsy wheel windlass, double gypsy wheels windlass and combined windlass. It can be equipped with warping head.

Advantages and Features

1. Contract structure, high strength;

2. Local control and remote control;

3. Easy installation, low maintenance;

4. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

5. Excellent operation, exquisite appearance;

6. With or without warping head;

7. Reliable service, high security;

8. Can be customized according to your requirements;

9. Approved by BV, LR, RINA...

Electric Single Gypsy Windlass Structure

We not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide complete system solutions and added services for specific customers. Therefore, There are  high competitiveness.

Configuration options

Part Name



Gypsy Wheel


It has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good weldability, cold and hot workability and corrosion resistance, and has good low temperature toughness (high strength, good welding performance).

Reduction Gearbox

Domestic second-tier brands

Poor quality and short service life.

Domestic first-line brand

Cost-effective and long service life.

*Homemade (recommended)

Good quality, high cost.

Electric Motor Type


Good quality, cost-effective, long service life. Self-contained brake, high safety.

Other brands

High power consumption, relatively poor quality.


Good quality, high cost, long delivery time.



Suitable for products with small loads.


High strength and good welding performance.

Due to the fierce market competition, the phenomenon of low quality of other winch suppliers is frequent. What is the difference between us and other low-quality suppliers?

The specific differences are as follows:

Part name

Other low quality suppliers


Our factory


Gypsy Wheel

Cast iron

Cast iron has good casting performance, but when the carbon content of cast iron is relatively high, its performance is relatively brittle, and its tensile performance is relatively poor; it is easy to corrode and wear quickly, which is not conducive to load.


The Q345D steel plate is preheated before welding to prevent the occurrence of cold cracks. And Q345D has good cold and hot working properties and corrosion resistance, and has good low temperature toughness. Conducive to load, slow wear.

Reduction Gearbox

Domestic second-tier brands

Poor quality and short service life.

Homemade or domestic first-line brands

Wear-resistant, more matching with the structure of the windlass, and better performance. Good quality and cost-effective.

Electric Motor Type

Other brands

High power consumption, relatively poor quality.



Cost-effective, good quality. Self-contained brake, high safety.



Low strength, suitable for products with small overload; Used for heavy loads winches, wear out quickly and break easily.


Higher strength, slower wear, not easy to break, suitable for both small and large load winches.

Drawing of Electric Single Gypsy Windlass

Main Technical Parameter

Main Technical Data Of Windlass
Chain Dia. Working Load Supporting Load Working Speed Warping Load Motor Power
mm KN KN m/min KN kW
14/16/17.5 8.3/10.9/13.0 51/67/80 ≥9 8 5.5
19/20.5/22 15.3/17.9/20.6 95/110/126 ≥9 10 7.5
24/26 24.5/28.7 149/175 ≥9 20 11
28/30 33.3/38.3 202/231 ≥9 30 15
32/34/36 43.5/49.1/55.1 261/294/329 ≥9 30 22
38/40/42 61.4/68.0/75.0 365/402/442 ≥9 40 30
44/46/48 82.3/89.9/97.9 483/526/570 ≥9 50 37
50/52/54 106.3/114.9/132.9 617/664/713 ≥9 50 45
56/58/60 133.2/143.0/153.0 764/816/870 ≥9 60 55
62/64 163.4/174.1 925/982 ≥9 80 55
66/68 185.1/195.5 1040/1098 ≥9 100 75
70/73 208.3/226.5 1160/1254 ≥9 100 75
76/78 245.5/258.6 1350/1416 ≥9 125 90
81/84 311.7/335.2 2171/2320 ≥9 140 110
87/90 359.5/384.8 2473/2629 ≥9 150 120
92/95 402.0/428.7 2735/2898 ≥9 200 130
97/100 446.9/475.0 2995/3162 ≥9 250 150
105/107 523.7/543.8 3612/3750 ≥9 300 180
112/114 595.8/617.3 4109/4228 ≥9 350 200
Above specifications only for reference, We can supply various windlasses according to your requirements.

Maintenance advice:

★ The mechanical part of the machine should work under good lubrication conditions. The machine should be idling for a moment after each refueling to allow the grease to evenly coat the running surface.

★ Refueling parts are butter nozzle, transmission rod, gear, brake lever, etc.

★ The machine body and fixing bolts should be checked frequently for completeness and tightness. The brakes of the machine should be checked regularly to prevent grease from adhering to the braking surface. When the brake belt rivets rub against the brake hub, the brake belt should be replaced in time.

★ What is the condition of the limit bolts (adjustment bolts) of the windlass brake belt? Is it rusted? Special attention should be paid to the screw teeth under the brake lever, that is, after the brake is tightened, check the remaining screw teeth under the brake lever. According to previous experience, there are at least 10 teeth to be assured. The limit bolt is between the brake lever and the brake band, which can be used to adjust the height of the brake lever. The thread of the limit screw is fine. Open the brake lever and slowly adjust the limit bolt until the thread under the brake screw meets the requirements. This bolt should be properly buttered, wrapped in tarpaulin, and checked at least every three months.

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