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Deck Mounted Marine Chock

Deck Mounted Marine Chock


Deck Mounted Chock is mounted directly on the vessel's deck area, acting as a specific guide for mooring ropes. This type of chocks are aim to keep a minimum abrasion between ship and rope, reduce the risk of breakage under strain and prolong the life of the mooring ropes. Deck mounted chock is used as part of a common mooring arrangement and is supplied with ready to install with a primed paint. The deck mounted marine chocks can be fitted directly to the deck or we can supply them with a foundation if needed. By the way, we also can customize according to your request.

Standards of Deck Mounted Marine Chock:


Type of Deck Mounted Marine Chock

The Range of Nominal Size

DIN 81915 Chock

Type C, Type D, Type E

Type C: 200KN~320KN

Type D: 10KN~80KN

Type E: 80KN~200KN

JIS F2005-1975 Closed Chock

JIS F2005-1975 Closed Chock

L: 100mm~500mm

ISO13729 Type A Deck Mounted Closed Chock

Type A

L x H x D:


GB 11586-89 Panama Chock

Type AC, Type AP

Type AC (L): 310mm, 360mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm

Type AP (L): 310mm, 360mm

NS 2590 Mooring Chock

NS 2590 Mooring Chock


300mmx250mm, 400mmx250mm

CB/T 34-2007 Mooring Chock

Type B, Type BF

Type B: 100mm~500mm

Type BF: 100mm~500mm

JIS F2006 Open Chock

Type FC, Type SC

Type FC (L): 150mm~420mm

Type SC (L): 150mm~400mm

Kevel Chock

Kevel Chock

A: 24’’, 30’’, 36’’, 42’’, 48’’

Universal Closed Chock

Universal Closed Chock


Universal Open Chock

Universal Open Chock


EU Type Deck Mounted Chock

EU Type Deck Mounted Chock

A x B:


ISO 13728 Panama Chock

Type A

L: 310mm, 360mm

JIS F2017 Type AP Panama Chock

Type AP

L: 310mm, 360mm

JIS F2017 Type AC Panama Chock

Type AC

L: 310mm, 360mm, 400mm,

450mm, 500mm


Model Type: Deck Mounted Marine Chock;

Material: Cast Steel;

Certificates: BV, ABS, CCS, LR, NK, KR, RINA, etc..

Deck Mounted Marine Chock before Painted:

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