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DIBS FIBS LV Power Cables

DIBS FIBS LV Power Cables

DIBS FIBS LV Power Cables


SIBS DIBS TIBS FIBS 5IBS MIBS Low Voltage Marine Power Cables are used for power systems of cargo ships, 

Passenger vessels and Special-purpose vessels. 

Cable Construction

1.Conductor:Tinned Annealed Copper wire 


3.Inner Covering:High Modulus PVC 

4.Sheath:Enhanced PVC

Applied Standard 

IEC 60092-350, -351, -354, -359 IEC 60332-1, -3 (Cat.A) 

Electrical Characteristics 

1.Rated Voltage:0.6/1KV 

2.Long term allowable working temperature:90℃ 

3.Finished Cable can withstand AC 3.5kv/5 minutes without puncture. 

4.Cable bending radius

Cable Structure Cable Outer Diameter Minimum Bending Radius
Metal Braided Armored 6D
Non Armored D≤25 4D
D>25 6D

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