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Cone Type Rubber Fender

Cone Type Rubber Fender

Cone Type Rubber Fender

Application: Cone Fenders are the latest generation of “Cell Fender” combining excellent energy capacity with low reaction force to give the most efficient performance of any fender. The conical shape keeps the body stable under all combinations of axial, shear and angular loading, making it ideal for berths where large berthing angles and heavy impacts need to be accommodated. Besides this,we can also provide you other marine equipment,if you are interested in any of our products,please feel free to contact us.

1. In the case of oblique berthing (less than an angle of 10°), the performance will not be reduced, which is superior to cell fender.

2. The frontal frame (steel frame) is installed in front of cone fenders, which can reduce the surface pressure against vessel hull. The surface pressure can be limited below 25t/m2, which is suitable to large vessel especially.

3. The super high density polyethylene pads are adhered to the frontal frame, which can reduce the friction factor between hull and cone fender to below 0.2, and can reduce the shear force (horizontal force) exerted on fenders when vessel berthing, which can prolong the service life of fenders.

4. The frontal frame adopts water-tight structure with high strength and better anti-rust performance.

5. The cone fender body is rarely damaged or impaired because it never contacts the hull directly.

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Drawing of cone type rubber fender:

Cone Type Rubber Fender Model H(mm) D(mm) U(mm) P(mm) S(mm) Hole
CO500H 500 800 490 730 425 4
CO600H 600 960 590 875 515 4
CO800H 800 1280 785 1165 685 6
CO1000H 1000 1600 980 1460 855 6
CO1100H 1100 1760 1080 1605 940 8
CO1200H 1200 1920 1175 1750 1025 8
CO1300H 1300 2080 1275 1900 1100 8
CO1400H 1400 2240 1370 2040 1195 8
CO1600H 1600 2560 1570 2335 1365 8
CO1800H 1800 2880 1765 2625 1540 10

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