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CS Series Marine Hand Pump

CS Series Marine Hand Pump

CS Series Marine Hand Pump


CS Series hand piston pump is suitable for various ships pumping not containing hard particles or fibers of the lubricating oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, other freshwater and seawater, and can be used in civil engineering, fire, water, drainage, oil and water wells kitchen vehicle transport sector and other different places. Transmission medium temperature not exceeding 60℃.

Model Explanation CS-20 Y/H

C  — Marine
S  — Hand pump
20 — Inlet and outlet diameter 20mm
Y/H— Iron cylinder or copper alloy
CS-20Y(S-20) — Applicable to pumping oil or water
CS-20H(SH-20)— Applicable to fresh water and sea water

Structural Specification

Structural Specification of CS

Performance of Parameter

Name Unit Type
CS-20Y/HS/SH-20 CS-25Y/HS/SH-25 CS-32Y/HS/SH-32 CS-40Y/HS/SH-40
Capacity L/min 20 32 48 65
Dis Head MPa 0.250.3 0.250.3 0.250.3 0.250.3
Inlet vacuum height MPa 0.06 0.06 0.06 0.06
Cylinder diameter mm 65 75 88 95
Piston stroke mm 68 80 90 96
Reciprocating times Times/min 50 50 50 50
Weight kg 5.8 7.5 10.5 12

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The Picture of CS

Our Certification

The certification of CS

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