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CHLS Marine Water Chiller-piston Unit

CHLS Marine Water Chiller-piston Unit

CHLS Marine Water Chiller-piston Unit


CHLS marine water chilling unit mainly consists of refrigeration compressor, marine high-efficient condenser, liquid supply solenoid valve, thermostatic expansion valve, dry-type evaporator, electrical control cabinet, instrument and valves, etc

All components of this unit are already assembled by the manufacturer, also pressure test and vacuum test for cooling system are already done. Sufficient amount of R404A gas is filled in.

Installation in shipyard

Pay attention not to damage any component of the tube system and the unit during lifting. The body is made of thin steel plates, hangers shall be used for lifting . Wooden plate shall be used as protecting pad for wall face in order to protect the body from damage.

See General Drawing or Overall Dimension Drawing for the dimension of bolt hole in the base of water chilling unit.

Shock insulation measures shall be considered at the base of water chilling unit.

Relative valves and thermometer necessary for water inlet and outlet pipes of condenser shall be installed by shipyard, while water pressure gauge and water pressure controller have been properly installed by the manufacturer.

Main Technical Parameters

CHLS-93 CLHS-106 CLHS116 CLHS-140 CLHS-151 CLHS-175 CLHS-210
Cooling Capacity Kw 93 105 116 140 151 175 210
Cooling medium R22( R134 R404A R407C )
Power supply Main circuit AC380V 3φ50Hz/AC 440V 3φ60Hz
Control circuit AC220V 1φ50Hz/AC 220V 1φ60Hz
Protection devices High pressure,low pressure( oil pressue ),water stop, lack phase, overload and safety valve
Type Semi-hermetic piston
Compressor Energy regulation % 0,5,100( 0,66,109 ) 0,5,100( 0,66,100 )
Motor power Kw 26 30 37 2x22 2x24 2x26 2x30
Condenser Type Horizontal shelltube
Water inlet temp ≤36
Water flow m3/h 26 30 35 40 42 50 60
Water preesure loss kPa ≤50 ≤70
Drier Evaporaror Type Horizontal shelltube
Water inlet temp 12//7
Water flow m3/h 16 18 20 24 26 30 36
Water preesure loss kPa ≤60
Weight kg ~1850 ~2000 ~2250 ~2450 ~2600 ~3100 ~3300

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