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Automatic Welding Mask

Automatic Welding Mask

Automatic Welding Mask


Filter size(mm): 110×90×9

Viewing Area(mm): 90×40

Light state: DIN.3 or DIN.4

Dark state: DIN.9-13

Switch time(s): 1/25000

Delay time(s): slow: 0.6-0.8  fast: 0.1-0.3

Power on/off: Full Automatic

Power supply: Solar-li. No battery change required

Rate of UV transmittance: 313nm<0.00006%  365nm<0.00006%

Rate of IR transmittance: 780~1300nm<0.003%  1300~2000nm<0.009%

Eye protection: EN379 1/2/1

Weight: 420g

sensitivity adjustment: Low/High

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