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15ppm Oil Water Separator

15ppm Oil Water Separator

1. 15ppm Oil Water Separator System Process

The bilge oily water comes into the 1st separator through Seawater initial filter and bottom valve, floating ball non-returned valve V1. There is an oil chamber in the top of separator. Most of the oil in the bilge oily water floats to the surface of chamber because of the effects of small gravities. The tiny oil drops gather and coalesce in the cone wave plate which is made of hydrophilic and oil-left materials and floats in the main and then adverse current. The water flows from the bottom of the 1st separator goes through the pneumatic valve Vs3 into the inlet of Feeding pump. When the Feeding pump is in operation, Vs3 is opened automatically while the flushing valve Vs2 is closed.
When the oil accumulates to interface level in the top chamber of the 1st coalescer, the oil water interface electrode sends out a signal and the pneumatic valve Vs1, Vs2 is opened and VS3 is shut down automatically to let back flushing water into the bottom of 1st coalescer. At this time, the feeding pump is not working. The back flushing water(fresh water) props up the oil to let the oil discharge to the waste oil tank through pneumatic oil discharge valve Vs1. At that time, the feeding pump doesn’t work(VS1 is closed Pneumatic Valve). It resets automatically after the oil is discharged and it again starts to treat the oily bilge water.
The effluent already treated by the 1st coalescer comes into the 2nd filter and is treated again, then is discharged to overboard. If the oil content in the effluent is overlimit, Three-way valve Vs4 will be automatically turned to the direction of 3rd separation .(Note:YWC-2.00,YWC-2.50,YWC-3.00,YWC-5.00,YWC-5.00pneumatic VS4 is closed,VS5 is opened and turned to 3rd  stage treatment)make the exceeded water enter into 3rd  stage membrane separation.In this way, the water is further treated in the 3rd membrane element. THE 3rd Ultrafiltration adopts permeation principle. The ultrafiltrated liquid finally fLow into outboard valve through outlet ball valve V3, check valve V5, flow meter, pneumatic triple valve VS6 and  manual triple valve V7.

The part of influent liquid which comes into the 3rd membrane becomes concentrated liquid which is through V6 and discharged to the bilge. The recovery rate of the produced water in the membrane, i.e.η= penetrated capacity / influent. This device is designed to set onη= 80%. So the water produced at that time = 0.8×0.31 m3/h=0.25m3/h. The opening of V6 is fixed before leaving from factory. If this fix is found that has been changed, it may adjust the V6, so as to fix the volume of the effluent on rated capacity by measuring meter in this device. The recovery rate should not be too high; otherwise, the concentration will be over limited as to effect the membrane life.
The 3rd membrane element needs to be kept wet in water, and is already filled with reserved solution inside of the 3rd stage, and the inlet and outlet valves V3, V4 V6 and V8 are completely shut before leaving from factory. Even when it is off packaged and installed, those valves cannot be opened. Until the device is in operation after filled with water, and before starting the device, V 3, V6 and V 8 can be opened.

2. 15ppm Oil Water Separator Spare Parts







Grease seal of feeding pump

2 sets


The 2nd filter core

2 sets


O-Ring of the separator

1 piece


O-Ring of the filter

1 piece


O-Ring of the flange



Bilge level Probe

1 pcs


Seawater initial Filter

1 pcs

3. Certificates of 15ppm Oil Water Separator: CCS, EC, BV, DNV.GL , KR, LR, ABS, RINA approvable.

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