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150kN Electric Single Drum Winch

150kN Electric Single Drum Winch


A 150kN electric single drum winch is a type of winch that is used to handle heavy loads in various industrial applications. It is powered by electricity and consists of a winch drum that is used to store a length of cable or rope. Overall, the 150kN electric single drum winch is a powerful and versatile tool that is used in many industrial applications to handle heavy loads and perform a variety of lifting and pulling tasks. It provides a high level of control and precision, which makes it an essential tool for many industrial applications. It is with manual brake and manual clutch.


Aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Advantages and Features

1. High strength construction, high efficiency gearbox;

2. Certificate: BV, LR, RINA...

3. Reliable service, high security;

4. Easy installation, easy maintenance;

5. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

6. with or without warping head;

7. Local control or remote control;

8. Manual clutch and brake;

9. General motor or explosion-proof motor;

10. Can be customized according to your requirements.

Drawing of 150kN Electric Single Drum Winch

Main Technical Parameters

Rated Load Rated Speed Drum Capacity Motor Power Power Sourcing
kN m/min φmm*m kW
150 ≥15 φ38*200 45/45/30 380V/50Hz

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