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1500L KYDR Alfa Laval Separator

1500L KYDR Alfa Laval Separator

AF-KYDR203DD-23 separator machine mainly consists of blow, vertical axis, horizontal axis, machine frame, speed measuring device, braking device and motor. This model is manual slagging type, and is easy to operate, convenient to dismantle and install.

Important Parameter

Rated capacity L/H 1500
Bowl speed Rpm/Min 8300
Inlet pressure MPa ≤0.05
Screw pump high suction MPa ≤1.2
Outlet pressure MPa ≥0.2
Motor Power KW 4
Weight KG 313
Overall Size mm 1010.5*608*911.5
Machine Size

Setting Base

IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS.

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