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100.5KN Electric Capstan

100.5KN Electric Capstan


Electric Capstan refers to the capstan installed on deck of a ship and mainly used for ship anchoring, mooring, weights pulling and so on. According to shaft center line orientation, there are electric vertical capstan and electric horizontal capstan. The capstan mainly consists of electric motor, capstan head, brake and so on. Overall, a 70 kN hydraulic capstan is an important piece of equipment for many different industries and applications, providing a reliable and efficient means of handling heavy loads in challenging environments. It is a heavy-duty tool capable of withstanding heavy usage and providing precise control of the load during hauling or payout operations.


316L stainless steel.

Advantages and Features

1. Compact structure, high strength;

2. Local control and remote control;

3. Easy for installation, maintenance, lubrication and inspection;

4. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

5. With gypsy, chain level: AM3;

6. Reliable service, high security;

7. Can be customized according to your requirements;

8. Manual or hydraulic brake and clutch;

9. Structure: Vertical;

10. Approved by IRS, BV, LR...

Drawing of 100.5KN Electric Capstan

Main Specifications

Chain diameter Working load Overload Holding load Speed Mooring load Mooring speed Rope diameter


KN KN KN m/min KN ≥m/min mm
46 100.5 150 756 10 60 9 26
Finished Image of 100.5KN Electric Capstan

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