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0.4㎡ Plate Heat Exchanger

0.4㎡ Plate Heat Exchanger

Basic Information

The MBR0.4 plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of stainless steel pressed heat transfer plates, sealant pads, clamping bolts, pressed plate frames and other components. Resistant to various corrosive media. The heat transfer efficiency is high, and the hot and cold media flow through the adjacent plates through their channels. Due to the presence of herringbone waves on the plate, the flow of the medium forms turbulence, thereby obtaining a higher heat exchange efficiency.

The plates of the plate heat exchanger are all independent parts, and the heat exchange area and heat exchange process can be increased or decreased according to user requirements. The sealing groove is provided with a drainage channel, so that various media will not collude, and even if there is a leakage, it will be discharged outside.

Technical Specifications

Monolithic heat transfer area m³ 0.4095 Flange: Dn mm 125
Plate spacing mm 4 working temperature ℃ ≤180
Cross-sectional area of single flow channel ㎡ 0.001353 Working Pressure MPa 0.6,1
Max.processing capacity m³/h 200 Angle hole diameter mm 125
Plate material ss304,316,316L Corrugation height 3.3

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