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How to pick up the mooring buoy

How to pick up the mooring buoy

Picking up a mooring buoy is a regular and important activity for some boat owners. So comes the problem how to pick up the mooring buoy then makes easier to handle and attach the boat to the buoy.


However, it is more likely to be true as there is often no way of certain answers to important questions such as whether the mooring is of a sufficient size and specification for your boat, or when the ground tackle was last checked. In this situation a boat can be much safer lying to ground tackle of a suitable size, that has been well dug in by running the engine in reverse. This is especially true if you have a relatively large or heavy vessel.


How to attach the mooring buoy? It can be easy to lead the strop through the bow roller and on to the cleat. Before approaching the mooring it’s worth preparing a mooring line that can be threaded through the eye in the strop, or though the loop in the top of the buoy.


if there’s no strop, and then brought back on board so that both ends are tied off. You won’t want to stay for long tied up like this, but it’s an easy way to make an initial attachment to the mooring with a minimum of hassle. You can then secure properly in a relaxed fashion, without worrying about the risk of accidentally letting go if the load of the strop becomes too great to hold.


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