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New Environment-friendly Material for Construction Industry-- PVC Sheet Tile

New Environment-friendly Material for Construction Industry

PVC sheet tile is also known as plastic steel sheet tile and anti-corrosion tile. The polyvinyl chloride(referred to as PVC) can be used as the main raw material, supplemented by UV anti-ultraviolet agents and other chemical raw materials, which is the replacement of color steel sheet tile after scientific proportion with advanced technology.

The feature of PVC sheet tile:
1.PVC corrugated tile has good heat insulation performance, heat transfer resistance, heat dissipation, making the most comfortable working environment.
2.PVC corrugated tile has feature of weather-resistance. Compared with color steel sheet tile, galvanized tile’s service life is more than 3 times with the longest service life.
3.PVC corrugated tile is light, tough, easy to handle, time-saving, labor saving, high efficiency, easier to construct.
4.PVC corrugated tile has excellent lighting performance, making the room more brighter, meanwhile saving the power.
5.PVC corrugated tile can prevent noise to some degree, because of its unique material. In rainy days with minimal noise.
6.It is widely used in chemical factories, warehouses, commercial markets and heat insulation shed, etc.

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