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How Static Mixers Work

How Static Mixers Work

Static Mixer Just like its scientific name, the material is a mixing device that does not have any moving elements, but is also capable of achieving the desired state. Conventional mixing equipment relies on the power source to achieve mixing between materials during the material mixing process, but the emergence of static mixers brings a new era of mixing equipment.

The production of static mixers is widely used in various industries, such as petrochemical industry, medicine, food production industry, etc. It is widely used because it not only has good mixing effect, but also belongs to environmentally friendly profiles. With less investment and greater effort, this is a good fit for any industry that needs material mixing.

In order to achieve a high-efficiency mixing effect during the use of mechanical equipment, this depends not only on the performance of the mixing equipment itself, but also on whether the operator is reasonably used. Therefore, for the user, understanding the working principle of the static mixer is a basic work requirement.

The working principle of the device is relatively simple, because the device does not have internal components during the mixing process. It mainly relies on the powerful fluid formed by the flow of materials inside the body to form a driving force. The static mixer has a compact overall structure in the internal structure design, and the energy consumed by the operation of the device is very small, which of course depends on the flexibility of the internal equipment of the static mixer.

Advantages of static mixers:

1. a wide range of objects

It is capable of mixing liquids, solids, and gases that are similar or different types of objects, which is why static mixers can be widely used.

2. the effect is large

The main function of the general mixing equipment in the material mixing process is the mixing effect. However, the demand and requirements for the mixing equipment in the current market are constantly improving. The traditional mixing equipment can not meet everyone's requirements, but the static mixer can It combines multiple functions such as mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and extracting.