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Why Are Welded Windows Easily Deformed?

Why Are Welded Windows Easily Deformed?

There's a phenomenon: the welded windows are easy to deform. Why?
Here are three causes that make welded windows easy to deform:
First, there is no essential rigid support. Usually, the rigid support will be welded when the window arrives at the ship for installation, especially the window of the wheelhouse. Otherwise the frame is easy to be deformed, and the window cannot be closed tightly or even deglued;

Second, the workers did not follow the welding process specification when welding. Many workers are using reverse welding. This way is simple and fast to install the window but it is easy to be deformed;

Third, the window itself has problems. The window frame is too narrow. It will deform if weld a rigid support. It is easier to deform if weld it to the ship.

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