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Why choose spiral duct ?

Why choose spiral duct?

Since the iron sheet is easily chemically reacted in various environments, it causes corrosion and rust. Zinc hardly changes in dry air. In moist air, a dense zinc carbonate film is formed on the zinc surface. The spiral duct is mainly coated with a layer of zinc on the duct iron to protect the iron sheet. After passivation, dyeing or coating of the photoresist, the zinc coating can significantly improve its protection and decorative properties.

The spiral duct is mainly used for air circulation between the two places, which plays the role of ventilation . Spiral ducts are generally divided into three categories according to materials in the market: galvanized spiral ducts, stainless steel spiral ducts and composite spiral ducts.

 Sixadvantages of spiral duct

1.Low installation cost

Example:With the same resistance, a 250 x 250 mm rectangular pipe can be replaced by a circular pipe with a diameter of 200 mm in the same installation space, and the combined installation cost is 50% lower than that of the rectangular pipe. Replacing a rectangular pipe with two or more circular pipes also reduces costs.

2.High degree of product standardization

The production of spiral round duct fittings (pipe fittings and joints) is highly automated, systematic and has industrial quality control.

3.High air tightness

The installation of the spiral duct significantly reduces the point of connection between the tube and the tube, minimizing leakage from the tube joint.

4. Space saving

Due to the unique connection method of the circular piping system, the flange connection is eliminated, so its occupied space is significantly smaller than that of the flange connection duct, and because there is no flange of the road, not only the air leakage is low. It is easy to keep warm and looks beautiful.

5. Easy to measure

For aerodynamic performance measurements, wind tunnel tests are based on round ducts, so the use of circular piping systems in engineering, the measurement of air performance is the easiest and the most accurate measurement. It is even possible to install fixed measuring devices in the project for routine routine testing and remote management.

6. Relatively low cost

When the same cross-sectional area is obtained, the circumference of the rectangular duct having an aspect ratio of 1:3 is 40% longer than the circumference of the spiral duct, and therefore, the amount of the heat insulating material used is reduced.