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Performance Advantages of MDPE Dredging Floater

Performance Advantages of MDPE Dredging Floater

First, the characteristics of MDPE dredging floater:
1.The floating floater is resistant to wind and waves, compact and reasonable in structure, simple in installation and excellent in performance. As a floating material of the mud discharge pipeline on the water, it has become the first choice for customers.
2.Good toughness, strong resistance to environmental stress cracking, suitable for construction at sea and lake.
3.High bearing capacity, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy to install and carry, low transportation transfer cost.

4.Corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance, long life.

Second, the performance characteristics:
1.Light weight, large buoyancy.
2.Impact resistance, acid and alkali corrosion.
3.Low absorption rate.

4.Simple construction, low maintenance cost.

Third, use:

mainly used in the ocean, rivers and lakes, such as dredging boats, sand blowing boats, dredging transport pipelines on the water.

Fourth, the function:
1.To ensure that the water of the pipeline is floating.
2.Orange color appearance color can be used as a warning sign to prevent impact pipeline.
3.Convenient inspection and maintenance of pipelines.

4.Shorten the construction period, reduce the cost, reduce maintenance costs.

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