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Main pressure bearing parts----Head

Main pressure bearing parts----Head

The head refers to the component used to close the end of the container to isolate the inner and outer media, also known as the end cap. Mainly used to close the end of the easy, so as to achieve internal and external media isolation between the container. The environment used for the head, mainly for container equipment used in some chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, can make these pressure vessels get a good pressure bearing effect, resulting in a sealing effect.

Tips for buying tips:

1. The inner diameter of the head

2. The thickness of the product after forming

3. Material

4. Quantity

5. Other customer’s requirements

Material reference:

Carbon steel: A3, 20#, Q235, Q345B, 16Mn

Stainless steel: 304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L

Alloy steel: 15Mo315CrMoV 35CrMoV 45CrMo