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Where Is The Water From Marine Air Compressor


The requirements of the ship industry for compressed air need to be water-free, but there are often water phenomena in marine air compressors. What are the reasons for water in marine air compressors?    

1. The corresponding dryer is not installed or when the drying equipment fails, it is not found and processed in time, and finally the gas compressed is not treated in time. Resulting in a large amount of moisture after the removal. Unable to meet normal usage requirements.

2. Because there is always water in the air, the so-called humidity, after compression will become supersaturated, the water in the air is analyzed, become a liquid. The moisture content of the compressed air is related to the humidity of the air. If the environment inside the equipment room is too humid, the water content in the air will exceed the standard of use.

3. The post-measures are not sufficient. In the production process where the quality of the compressor gas is very strict, there are generally facilities such as precision filters, and the gas is subjected to a second action to further purify until the production requirements are met.

4. The automatic drainer of the air compressor itself is blocked or the automatic drainer of the gas storage tank is blocked.

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