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Emergency Generator Set Starting Device

Emergency Generator Set Starting Device

1. The emergency generator set should be able to start quickly in a cold state with a temperature of 0 ° C. If it is not feasible or may encounter lower temperatures,

The heating measures to maintain a certain temperature acceptable to the competent authority should be taken to ensure that the generator set can be started quickly.
2.Each emergency generator set capable of automatic starting shall be provided with a starting device approved by the Administration, which shall reserve at least 

Energy source for three consecutive starts. There should also be a second energy source with 3 additional starts within 30 min, unless manual start Proven to be effective. 

3. For ships constructed on or after 1 October 1994, the following requirements shall be met in place of the second sentence of paragraph 2 of this regulation:
The stored energy should be protected from being exhausted by the automatic starting system unless a second independent starting device is provided.
In addition, there should be a second energy source that can be started three times in 30 minutes, unless manual activation can prove to be effective. 

4. The reserve energy should remain as follows:
Electric and hydraulic starting systems shall be maintained by emergency switchboards;

Compressed air starting system, which may be maintained by primary or secondary compressed air cylinders or emergency air compression fitted with suitable check valves,
If the air compressor is electrically driven, it shall be powered by the emergency switchboard; 
All such starting, charging and energy storage equipment shall be located in emergency generator spaces, except for longitudinal emergency.
It should not be used outside the motor unit. However, this does not preclude the use of a check valve in the emergency generator space.
The gas system supplies air to the air bottle of the emergency generator set.
Manual start is allowed if automatic start is not required, such as manual crank, inertia starter, manual liquid filled hydraulic accumulator,
Or gunpowder filled cartridges, as they can prove to be effective.=
When manual starting is not feasible, the requirements of paragraphs 2 and 3 of this regulation shall be complied with, except for those who may use artificial initial starting energy.