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Upper Roller Rudder Bearing

Upper Roller Rudder Bearing

Upper Roller Rudder Bearing

The upper roller rudder bearing is suitable for small and medium-sized vessels with upper and lower rudder bearing structures.It is usually divided into light, heavy and watertight.

1.Simple structure,high manufacture efficiency.
2.Easy to install and disassemble.
3.We can manufacture the product according to requirements or drawings of our clients.

Type Name Diameter  Applicable Scope
A Light Upper Roller Rudder Bearing   φ40-φ150

It can apply to the rudder which the load isn't heavy and the revolving degree  

isn't large.

B Heavy Upper Roller Rudder Bearing φ120-φ340

It can automatically adjust the centre of gravity,especially it can apply to the  hanging rudder which the load is heavy and the revolving degree isn't large.

C Water-tight Upper Roller Rudder Bearing φ120-φ400 It has the advantage of type B and has the seal function.
The products approved by CCS,DNV-GL,BV,ABS,NK,etc.


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