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Stainless Steel Grating Plate

Stainless Steel Grating Plate


Stainless steel grating plate is a kind of iron and steel product with square grid in the middle, which is formed by cross arrangement of flat steel according to certain spacing and bar.It is mainly used to make gully cover plate, steel structure flat plate, steel ladder step plate.The cross bar is generally made of square steel which has been twisted.Stainless steel grid plate is usually made of carbon steel. The standard of stainless steel grating plate is YB/ T4001-1998 in China.In addition, America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand also have their own standards. The steel standard is GB700-88,GB1220-92.


  • High strength and light structure: strong grid pressure welding structure makes it high load bearing and light structure
  • Convenient hoisting
  • Beautiful appearance, durable: hot dip zinc surface treatment makes it has good corrosion resistance
  • Good ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion protection and anti-skid performance;Keep the dirt away.


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