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SCBA with Double Cylinders for 2 Users

SCBA with Double Cylinders for 2 Users


SCBA with double cylinders for 2 users is designed for firefighters and rescuers. This series of products are widely used in the departments of fire-fighting, chemical, shipping, petroleum, smelting, electric power, warehouse, laboratory, mine and so on. This air breathing apparatus has double cylinders and two full face masks. It can help firefighters and rescuers to rescue victims in the environments of smog and oxygen deficiency.

Product Superiority:

1. Excellent chemical resistance

2. Easy to wear and comfortable use

Product Detail:

Model No.: RHZKF6.8/30-2

Cylinder material: carbon fiber composite

Cylinder volume: 6.8L

Working duration: 60-70min

Alert pressure: 5-6MPa

Working pressure: 300bar

Cylinder working pressure: 30MPa

Certificate: CCS, EC

Photo of Cylinders:

Photo of Full Face Mask:

Photo of Pressure Reducing Device:

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