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High Pressure Watertight Door

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High Pressure Watertight Door

High Pressure Watertight Door is extremely suitable for marine watertight bulkhead and offshore cabins where watertight is required. With a wheel handle on both sides, people can easily open the door within very short time. This type of door can be welded directly to bulkhead or wall. Normally, this kind of watertight door can withstand 0.05-0.06Mpa (5-6 meters deep water pressure). Door sizes are customized. Production standard are referred to GB/T3477-96. IACS Certificates are optional.


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Technical Specification:

1. After the door panel and door frame are assembled, the allowable deviation of height distortion shall be less than ±2mm, and linear deflection per meter shall be no more than ±4mm.

2. When the door is closed (when the gate is rolled to the center of the wedge), the edge of the door frame shall be uniformly pressed into the center line of the packing material, with allowable deviation plus or minus 2mm, continuous contact imprint width more than 5mm and depth no more than 2mm.

3. Water pressure test: The steel door is installed on the special water pressure test box for equivalent water pressure test with the pressure not less than 0.03MPa. There was no water leakage in the inspected area, such as beads or water marks.

Optional Certificates: CCS, NK, ABS, LR, BV, DNV.GL, IRS, RMRS, RINA

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