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Press Brake Machine

Press Brake Machine

1. Preface of Press Brake Machine

Keeping it simple with 3 to 5 CNC axes our press brake machine is as fast as it is accurate, reaching accuracy tolerances like +- .0004 and repeat-ability to match, these press brakes take a back seat to no bending machine made anywhere. Our most popular value packed precision press brakes have exceptionally large strokes, daylights, and throat depths to allow cost effective production of simple to complex shapes that require large bends for ease of handling and removal.

2. Press Brake Machine Features

Advanced operator friendly CNC control options. An easy to use control reduces the required operator skill level.  Machine adjustment and test bends are reduced to a minimum because of the quick and easy to use bend sequence determination tool. The CNC program is generated with a one touch key stroke. You are ready to make the first part since all axes positions are automatically computed and the bend sequence has already been simulated on the screen with the machine and tools in real scale.
The basic machine control functions are Y1-Y2 and X axis, optionally a second back gauge axis can be used as R/Z or X2 axis. Also the crowning function is standard on board. Continuing on with HI-SEA’s philosophy of building quality into the machine, the press brakes start with stress relieved machine bases finished milled on 5 axis machining centers. Linear rails for all moving components of the brake as inconsequential as material support arms and back gauge fingers. Inverter controlled servo motors for all main moving components like the ram and back gauge. The quality just keeps on coming, dual Opkon linear scales monitoring the ram positioning which are mounted on a separate heavy duty “C” frame independent of the ram so as not to be affected by any possible ram deflection. HI-SEA offers both manual and automatic controlled crowning systems. The manual style is equipped with single point adjustment and position readout. The CNC style automatically calculates the position and setting from normal program information and sets them via the CNC. Transmitter and receiver are fixed to the ram of the machine and form a laser-optical safety light grid that follows the ram.

3. Quality Guarantee of Press Brake Machine

As with all the press brakes in the HI-SEA lineup, our concept of large strokes, high openings and deep throats is ever present in these machines, which allow the operators to make parts with larger flanges and make the removal of those parts much easier for the operator to manage. With easier quicker setups, a more operator friendly control, a press that moves at breakneck speed, the end result is more parts in the bin by the end of the shift with a higher piece to piece overall quality.

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