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Differential Level transmitter

Operating Principle:

Pressure type level transmitter consists of transmitter, signal amplifier etc. It is used for continously measuring the liquid level of ballast tank, draft and fuel oil tank. The pressure type transmitter in the liquid tank buttom can timely sense the pressure change due to the height change, and change the level height signal into pressure electric signal. The output signal is changed into 4~20mA (2-wire) DC level signal via amplifier. The signal can directly indicate the level by level indicator, or indicated and controlled by loading computer.

Technical Parameter:

Output: 2~20mA (adjustable)


Supply voltage: 12~28V DC

Range: Gauge 175~4000mbar Absolute: 1400~4000mbar

Overpressure: Gauge 6~25bar Absolute: 1400~4000mbar


Diaphragm: ceramic

Senor body: SUS316L

Operating temperature range:

Transmitter: -40~125degree

Amplifier: -25~55degree

Protection class: Transmitter: IP68/submersible

Amplifier: IP66

Intrinsic: Exia II C T6

Cable length: 3m in standard (option: up to 50m)


Ballast tank remote reading

Draft remote reading

Heeling and trim remote reading

Fuel oil tank remote reading


High measuring accuracy

Excellent stability

Capacitive transmitter with ceramic diaphragm

High thermostability

Corrosion resistance

No hysteresis

Model Sign:

E- Intrisic safety type

C- Marine

L- Level type

01- Product No.

YSZK- No hysteresis


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