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Passenger Seat for Crew Boat

Passenger Seat for Crew Boat

Different types:

Bench seats: Bench seats are a simple and economical seating option that is common on smaller crew boats. They consist of a long bench with a backrest that can accommodate multiple passengers.

Individual seats: Individual seats are designed to provide each passenger with their own seat. These seats may be padded for comfort and may be equipped with armrests and footrests.

Suspension seats: Suspension seats are designed to reduce the impact of waves and rough seas on passengers. They typically have a shock-absorbing suspension system that can help reduce the effects of vibrations and impacts on passengers' backs and legs.

Swivel seats: Swivel seats are designed to rotate, allowing passengers to face different directions. These seats can be useful on vessels where passengers may need to face different directions for work or observation.

Fold-down seats: Fold-down seats are designed to be compact and take up minimal space when not in use. They can be easily folded down to provide additional deck space and storage.

Captain's chairs: Captain's chairs are typically larger and more comfortable seats designed for the captain or other crew members who need to be seated for long periods. They may have additional features such as adjustable height, armrests, and backrests.

     The type of passenger seat chosen for a crew boat will depend on the vessel's size, intended use, and the number of passengers it will carry. A combination of different types of seats may be used to provide the best balance of comfort, safety, and practicality for the crew boat's passengers.

Certificate: CCS Type Approval

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