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Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking


Pallet racking has a high efficiency storage and is unlimited by the order of goods in and out of warehouse. This kind of racking is adjustable and suitable for the forklift working. The aisles can be distinguished by traditional(3000 around) and narrow(1700mm aroundtypes, the narrow one need special narrow forklift.

  • This kind of racking is made of special shaped section post, which improving the loading capacity.
  • Beams can be adjusted up and down flexible as a unit of 75mm.
  • Assembled frame structure together with safe accessory make it easy to assemble and disassemble and comfortable for spare parts’ after-sale maintenance and replacing .
  • It usually uses epoxy electrostatic powder coating for surface treatment which with a high quality of.
  • You can add brace,back spacer, steel panel, foot protector,rack protector,back mesh as your requirement

Major Component

1. Frames                         10.Angel steel spa

2. Beams 11.Foot protector

3. Row spacer                   12.”L”Style protector

4. “”Style spacer 13.”U”Foot Protector

5. “”Style spacer 14.Rack protector

6. “H”Style spacer              15. Protecting stake

7. Back spacer 16.Poster board

8. Wire mesh panel            17.Pallet

9. Steel/wood panel 18.Forklift

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