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Painted Steel Grating

Painted Steel Grating


Painted steel grating is mainly for the surface treatment of steel grid, the general surface treatment of steel grid is hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized.Similarly, surface spray painting is also an important one. Painted steel grating processing cost is lower than hot dip galvanized steel grating. Its anti-rust ability is lower than hot dip galvanized steel grating as well, but a variety of colors of painted steel grating can be selected.

Different Colors for Reference:


Material: stainless steel, aluminum, iron, carbon steel(as your request)

Certificate: ISO9001

Steel Grating Bearing Bar Pitch:40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm(as your request)

Surface: plain

Surface Treatment: painted

Applications: anti-slip bridge decking, bridge walkway, drainage systems, fire truck platforms, mass transit platforms, marine and ship decks, mezzanines, non-slip walkways, non-skid pit covers, slip resistant platforms, general industries, truck platforms, vault covers, wet Decks, wastewater treatment plant grating,stair treads

Painted Steel Grating for Walkway:

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